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🎉🎉 Premium: Ideal for small investment companies with a team of at least 3 people, where traders and programmers work hand in hand. 🎉🎉

👉 API: The foundation for all our StockSharp products, providing a powerful trading platform.

👉 Designer: Allows for interactive creation of trading strategies without the need to write code. Supports a wide range of markets and brokers, including LMAX, Alpaca, Oanda, Binance, Interactive Brokers, and others.

👉 Terminal: An application for building trading charts with advanced features for active trading. Integrates with numerous brokers and exchanges, such as Alpaca, PolygonIO, Binance, Interactive Brokers.

👉 Hydra: Utility for automatic downloading and storing market data in real time and history. Wide selection of data sources, including Alpaca, PolygonIO, Binance, Interactive Brokers, and others. Supports downloading of candlestick data, Level1, tick data, and order books.

👉 Shell: A tool for rapid development and testing of trading robots. Comes with full access to source codes for customization to your needs.

👉 Historical market data: A specialized resource for downloading historical data. Supports various sources, including PolygonIO, BinanceHistory, AlphaVantage, DukasCopy, and others.

👉 Runner: A mini-utility for running ready-made strategies in real time. Supports VPS and management via Telegram robots. Compatible with all S# connections.

👉 Crypto, Forex, Stocks: Includes a choice of up to 4 connectors from the available categories.

👉 License binding: up to 3 devices.

👉 Store discount: 10% off all products (except for paid source codes).

👉 Support: Provided via email by our team in case of questions.

👉 Discount on paid source codes: 5% starting from next year.

Not included: MatLab, HFT/DMA.

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