Development of trading strategies. StockSharp

Custom Development and Rebranding of Trading Systems by StockSharp

StockSharp offers a comprehensive range of services for the custom development and rebranding of trading systems, including the customization of our ready-made software solutions like Designer to meet individual customer needs.

Our services include:

Rebranding and Modification of Existing Products
- Customization to Client Styling: We offer rebranding services for our software products, including trading terminals, to fully match the corporate style of the client.
- Use of Source Codes: Modification and adaptation of source codes of our products to create unique solutions, including connectors and trading robots with complex infrastructure.

Development of Connectors and Trading Robots
- Exchange Integration: Development of connectors for integration with major trading platforms and exchanges.
- Custom Design: Creation of trading robots optimized for the strategies and needs of the client.

Infrastructure Solutions
- Process Automation: Development of solutions to automate all aspects of financial activity, including portfolio management and risk management.
- Security and Reliability: Ensuring a high degree of security and reliability in all our solutions.

Advantages of Working with Us:
- Flexibility and Scalability: We offer flexible and scalable solutions that can be adapted to changing business needs.
- Professionalism: A highly qualified team of specialists with years of experience in financial technologies.

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