Development of trading strategies. StockSharp

StockSharp provides a unique service where you can order the development of a financial applications (trading strategies, robots etc). All our programmers have a vast experience in creating and designing algorithms for trading systems.

Advantages of using our trading strategies:
  1. Direct connection (DMA) to broker and exchanges via FIX protocol.
  2. Support for any terminals (Interactive Brokers, Fusion, OpenECry, etc.).
  3. User-friendly graphical environment.
  4. High speed of operation.
  5. Robust solution (can withstand a loss of connection, or “freezing” of the broker).
  6. Strategy testing with any data (order book, tick, candles).
  7. High-quality technical support.


  • How much does it cost?
    The cost is calculated as NumberOfDays * ProgrammersPayRate. To estimate the number of days, we will need a requirements specification. For the pay rate, we will use the current market value.
  • I don’t have any requirements specification.
    No problem, try using our questionnaire. Or we can include the estimation of technical requirements in the total price of your order.
  • Will I get the source code?
    Yes, of course. We send all materials created as part of fulfilling the order to the customer.