StockSharp project. StockSharp

StockSharp it is a global project, providing exceptional trading, investment and information solutions for the entire investment community: from private traders to global financial institutions.

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Our solutions allow to realize a full range of the trading infrastructure automation, to implement any approaches to trade, both the long-term portfolio investment and high-speed direct access solutions.

A distinctive feature of StockSharp that we support access to leading stock exchanges by the direct access protocols: FIX/FAST; as well as to numerous trading platforms: GainCapital, CGQ, Rithmic, Fusion, Interactive Brokers, etc. All this makes it possible to instantly transfer strategies from exchange to exchange. Adding new exchange or new broker connection is made in two clicks.

The ability to obtain all the source codes - another distinguishing feature of the StockSharp project. Transparency and safety get to a new level, no "black boxes". You can be absolutely sure in the absence of any software bugs, restrictions, etc. In addition, any changes in the source code of the product itself are possible. Unlimited expansion of StockSharp capabilities to the needs of each user and any financial institution.

For mass use, StockSharp provides end-user solutions for:

  • the creation, testing, optimization of strategies, as well as their use in the real market without programming - S#.Designer.
  • collection, download, analysis and storage of historical data with a high compression ratio - S#.Data (Hydra).
  • connection to the external analytical programs - S#.WealthLab and S#.MatLab.
  • S#.Terminal - for easy trade, various types of charts, trade history.
  • flexible and fast way through S#.API, allowing to create any trade programs.

We see our mission in the development and popularization of algorithmic trading.

Our goal is to give everyone the necessary tools to create one’s own trading algorithm. That is why the clear majority of our products are free for the end user.

The use of innovative technologies is another distinguishing feature of StockSharp. The most advanced solutions and capabilities are opened for StockSharp customers, allowing to stay a leader in the rapidly changing world.

StockSharp in numbers::

  1. 15000+ algorithmic traders
  2. 12 exchanges supported
  3. 1000+ learners
  4. 28 brokers are our partners
  5. 200+ complete algorithmic strategies development
  6. 50+ corporate customers

Best regards,
StockSharp Team.