PolygonIO connector. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
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v5.0.31 (7/4/2024)
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PolygonIO connector

The PolygonIO connector is designed for obtaining market data and managing trading operations across various financial markets. It provides access to historical and real-time data, as well as various analytical tools.


  • Real-time market data retrieval.
  • Access to historical data for analysis and research.
  • News and financial events viewing.
  • Data retrieval for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and options.
  • Analytical tools and indicators.

Advantages of using PolygonIO:

  • High speed and data accuracy.
  • Wide coverage of various financial instruments and markets.
  • Ease of integration and use.
  • Reliability and stability.

Installation and setup:
To start using the PolygonIO connector, follow these instructions:

  1. Register on the official PolygonIO website and obtain an API key.
  2. Download and install the connector from the official StockSharp website.
  3. Configure the connection by entering your API key and necessary parameters in the configuration file.
  4. Start using the connector to retrieve data and manage trading operations.

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