Runner - cross platform application to run any types of strategies. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
N: 1137
v5.0.33 (7/23/2024)
Downloads: 3378

Runner is a versatile application designed for launching and managing trading strategies developed using the StockSharp platform.



This program boasts several key features that make it a convenient tool for traders and developers:

  • Cross-platform compatibility: Runner can be used on both Windows and Linux operating systems, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Integration with Telegram robots: This feature allows for remote control of trading activities, which is crucial for effective management of trading processes.
  • Minimal computer resource consumption: Thanks to the absence of a heavy graphical interface, the program uses fewer resources, allowing it to run on computers with limited computational power.
  • Support for various strategy formats: Runner is capable of launching strategies written directly in C# code, in Designer, as well as in the form of ready-made DLL assemblies. This provides flexibility and convenience in developing and testing trading strategies.
  • Support for live trading and historical testing: The program not only allows for the execution of strategies in real-time for live trading but also supports testing them on historical data. This is an important tool for verifying the effectiveness and optimizing trading strategies.

Runner is a powerful tool for traders using the StockSharp platform, offering convenience and efficiency in managing trading strategies.

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