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StockSharpBot is a Telegram bot that allows remote control of robots and strategies written in S# (S#.API, S#.Designer or S#.Shell) in the popular messaging app Telegram.

Thanks to Telegram's widespread use, this application is available on all phones, making robot monitoring accessible to all users. Through your phone and Telegram notification features, you can always receive timely information from your robot and send commands to pause trading or launch individual strategies.

You don't need to log on to your work computer or open a remote connection mode to check the status of your trading strategies and robots. Simply open the Telegram app on your phone and request the information you are interested in from our StockSharpBot.

With the Telegram bot, you can:

  • See all your strategies, including their current state (running, stopped, error).
  • Launch and stop strategies (not available in the free subscription).
  • Restart the trading connection (not available in the free subscription).
  • Get a list of active orders, deals, and open positions.
  • View a detailed profit chart.

To activate StockSharpBot, you need to launch it and perform authentication (so that the bot can recognize your login on the StockSharp website). To do this, select the /login command from the menu:


The bot will ask you to go to your profile and copy the token from there:


and send it back to the bot in the format token: %your_token%. If successful, the bot will address you by the name you provided when registering on the StockSharp website.


After that, the bot is ready to use. Next, to make the bot see your strategies, you need to:

  • If you are using the S#.Designer program, turn on Remote mode on the main panel:

    All strategies that are running live will automatically be transmitted to the Telegram bot, and you can manage them from your phone.
  • If you are using S#.Shell, you need to go to the Remote Manager panel and make the settings similar to those in S#.Designer.
  • If you are using S#.API, you can integrate it using the code from S#.Shell. Thanks to the fact that S#.API is cross-platform, your robots can be run on any operating system.

The robot control panel can view statistics and send signals. But if you need to create a notification system (strategy logs, signals, etc.), we provide the S#.Telegram alerts service for this purpose.

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