Shell for your algo strategy with C# source codes. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
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v5.0.36 (4/4/2024)
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Shell Updated - only the algorithm is needed, it will do the rest for you!

Shell is a ready-made graphical framework with the ability to quickly change to your needs and with fully open source code in C# (enough basic knowledge).

 Algorithm creation mode

You do not need to spend time creating a GUI (graphical user interface), a ready-made robot is created faster without affecting the usability of the application.
Basic functionality for testing, trading, connecting to data sources, displaying charts, portfolios, positions, orders and trades are already in the box.

 Mode of trading and displaying charts

 Test mode, equity curve

Shell is the best solution for quickly writing and testing robots. You can focus on the main thing - algorithm!

Main features of S#.Shell:

  • Complete source code. Perfect for creating customized algo strategies for someone or for yourself.
  • Support for all StockSharp platform connections: Interactive Brokers, Rithmic, FIX/FAST, Crypto Exchange (+60 at the moment like Binance etc), etc.
  • Flexible user interface
  • Strategy testing (statistics, equity, reports).
  • Save and load strategy settings.
  • Launch strategies in parallel.
  • Detailed information on strategy performance (orders, transactions, position, revenue, logs, etc.). Everything is simple and easy to understand.
  • Launch strategies on schedule.

In addition, in the new version there is the super-feature: Shell supports the schemes written in Designer. You can even not program. You create a strategy from "cubes”, save, load it into Shell and that's all, you can trade!

As well as Shell supports for various color schemes:

 The light scheme when displaying the graph. Test Mode  The light scheme when displaying equity. Test Mode

Shell can be obtained as a gift together with our training courses

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