Release notes 12/8/2022

S#.ASTSBridge (v5.0.126):
MoreLinq removed.

S#.Plaza (v5.0.129):
ss-238: plaza: update spectra stream scheme
cgate client lib log restored
MoreLinq removed.

S#.IQFeed (v5.0.121):
MoreLinq removed.

S#.TWIME (v5.0.126):
ASTS dialect supported.
IcebergX supported.
PostOnly supported (Book-or-cancel).
Twime FORTS. v5.6
Native -> Forts namespace renamed.
CopyMemory replaced by Buffer.MemoryCopy

S#.Terminal (v5.0.130):
MoreLinq removed.

S#.Designer (v5.0.132):
MoreLinq removed.

S#.Data (v5.0.132):
Fix delete candles
All panes with icons.
Data panes show icons.
MoreLinq removed.
hydra-18: fix error when opening exchange board pane

S#.Installer (v5.0.113):
MoreLinq removed.
Remember install path.
Fix max height initial size and auto-save window position.
designer couldn't connect to installer


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