ASTSBridge. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
N: 80
v5.0.167 (5/13/2024)
Downloads: 43

ASTSBridge is a universal bidirectional gateway for connecting external systems to the ASTS trading and clearing systems of the Moscow Exchange.

S#.ASTSBridge connector provides a direct connection to the stock market section of the Moscow Exchange through our S# programs: Hydra, Designer, Terminal, Shell, using the TEAP protocol.
It is fully compatible with our API such as other custom software based on it.

Functions and features of the connector:

- Allows you to establish several parallel connections (separate channels for submitting applications, receiving quotes, receiving information on transactions, etc.)
- Ensures the maximum speed of information exchange and ensuring more dynamic work on the markets of the Moscow Exchange.
- Unity of information objects (information objects (tables and transactions) are the same for all markets)

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