Plaza connector. StockSharp

Author: StockSharp
N: 75
v5.0.175 (7/4/2024)
Downloads: 382

PLAZA II gateway is a software that provides data exchange between the Server part of the software-a Trading and clearing system of the Futures Market (the SPECTRA Trading system) and a certified brokerage system using the Plaza II protocol.

S#.Plaza is a connector that is designed to establish communication and data exchange between the trading section of the Futures market on the Moscow Exchange and our S# programs: Hydra, Designer, Terminal, Shell using
the Plaza 2 Cgate protocol.
It is fully compatible with our API such as other custom software based on it.

Functions and features of the connector:

- To ensure equal opportunities for both private investors and professional participants of the futures market.
- Increase the number of services provided by a professional bidder for their clients.
- Provides an opportunity to receive market information directly from the exchange infrastructure segment and send transactions directly to the Exchange's trading system.
- Provides an opportunity to get access to non-trading and clearing functionality for trading participants
- Provides an opportunity to receive a complete anonymized orderlog of all orders of the trading session
- Provides an opportunity to choose the optimal level of performance (number of transactions per second) due to a flexible login system.

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