Author: Mikhail Sukhov
N: 1082
v5.0.162 (5/13/2024)
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  • IQFeed It's real data without any filtering. And the data is sent directly from the North American exchanges to all of our data centers.

  • You will have access to all stock and commodity exchanges. Including Canadian Shares, London Shares, Forex, Eurex, Euronext, Simex and most major stocks, indices.

  • Access to market-moving news from DTN News Room, Benzinga Pro, RTT News, Dow Jones, Business Wire, PR Newswire, and more.

  • Finding Option Chains by Underlying Equity Search for symbols by company name. and retrieve historical data (180 days according to Tik's calendar (Including pre-market) and years n-minute history (Forex back in February 2005, Eminis back in September 2005 Stock/Futures/Indexes. Back in May 2007))

  • S#.IQFeed connector provides a direct connection to the IQFeed service with our S# programs: Hydra, Terminal, Designer, Shell.
    It is fully compatible with our API such as other custom software based on it.

Functions and features of the connector:

- This connector only supports receiving market data and does not provide an opportunity to send trading orders.

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