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We started training students in 2011, and we have already trained more than 300 people. We work together with our students, develop new projects, and have our algo community.

Main bonuses for our students:

autoDistance learning. Distance learning using video lessons. You can find our training courses in the special section of our forum. There you can watch video lessons, ask questions, talk with other students, and solve interesting problems to better learn new things.

autoAlgo strategy repository. We continue developing and improving our algo strategies. Together with our students, we make the strategies better. We already have more than 10 ready-to-use algo strategies.

autoWe are a team! Now our students can discuss algo trading with their colleagues in online chats and watch for changes in projects! They can find first-line support here, too. Read more...

autoS#.Shell is a simplified version of S#.Studio that lets you edit source code. Use S#.Shell as a powerful, ready-made shell for your algo strategy! Read more...

autoS#.WealthLab. By using our adapter, you can send signals from WealthLab to any S# connectors (Russia, the United States, or Forex). Read more...

You don’t have to take our word:

PavelS: I completed the Advanced S# Course almost one year ago. From time to time, I watch the old webinars again, which always remind me how great was Artem at helping students. I am still an amateur programmer, and my algo strategies are simple and primitive, but I have already tried arbitrage between MICEX and LSE (ADR), pairs trading, counter-trend strategies, and more. I did all that based on Artem’s course. I’m happy to see that the training course and the library are being extended and improved.

Federigo: Good evening! The courses are AMAZING!!! Big thanks to the whole StockSharp team. I loved the course, which helped me a lot. I’ve been looking for a “launch pad” to start programming algo strategies for a year, and haven’t found an alternative to StockSharp. Special thanks to Artem!!! He explained everything in the smallest detail, and gave answers to all questions. It was very interesting :)

Corporate testimonials:

OAO Chelyabenergosbyt

OLMA investment firm

Our training courses: S#, Wealth-Lab.


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