Release notes 7/30/2023

S#.Designer (v5.0.154):
designer-78: rename strategy in solution tree
designer-116: fix propertygrid params view for optimizer
designer-87: show error/warning messages in status bar
ss-263: fix indicator auto color selection
designer-131: fix RemoteSettings visibility in live diagram strategy properties
Show overflow as user message.
DESIGNER-88. Removed open live dashboard behavior from solution explorer.
DESIGNER-135. Backtest, optimization and live panels has own icons.
DESIGNER-133. Live dashboard button move into Live group.
designer-142: chart indicator legend must have correct names from corresponding diagram elements
designer-68: fixed invalid copy/paste for chart diagram element
designer-131: fix remote settings visibility in prop grid
designer-127: fix sorting

S#.Data (v5.0.154):
Spread->candles compression. Adjust by price step.
hydra-35: small fix
fix binding error
hydra-35: fix missing explorer panel


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