Assign, install and work with StockSharp Installer.

Assign, install and work with StockSharp Installer.

The Installer allows you to:
- download and install Designer, Terminal, Hydra
- buy or install connectors S#.MT 4, S#.MT 5, MatLab
- buy and install additional software
- install the program together with bought connectors
- track the process of purchasing new programs
- download the API library and automatically tracks its updates.
- download the purchased training lessons, the Shell.

How to install the program:

1. Download stocksharp_setup.exe (.NET 6 will be installed automatically).

2. Start the installation file stocksharp_setup.exe and follow the instructions.
Sometimes Windows prevent the installation and pop up the warning like below:
Smart screen eng
In this case click More info in the warning window. You'll get the next one:
Smart Screen eng run
After clicking "Run anyway" button the installation begins.

3. After installation, open the program window.


How to work with Installer:

Installer allows you to:
- select programs available for download
- manage updates of downloaded programs
- purchase available paid programs

For the convenience of finding the necessary product in the program, you can choose the type of application.


To install the desired application, you need to:

1. Select the app, click install, agree to the license agreement, and click Continue.


2. After this you need to choose the installation path.
IMPORTANT! It is necessary that the folder where the program will be installed is empty.


3. After selecting the directory, click Continue.

4. Select Execute and the installation process begins.


5. After installation, you can use the program.

To delete the program, select delete and click Continue.


To repair, select repair and click Continue.


Installer independently tracks all software updates and updates itself automatically. Therefore, there is no need to delete it after installation.
Installer is not closed by clicking on the "X" in the program window, but is closed via the toolbar, select the menu (using the right mouse button) Close.

You can also check for updates by clicking the check for updates button in the right corner of the program window.


If updates are available, a notification will appear.


To purchase paid apps, select the software you need and click the Buy button.


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Oscar Khoo

Date: 11/6/2022

Can anyone help? I am getting error msg like this.

04:36:20.951|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:21.035|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp...epclraw.core/index.json
04:36:21.267|Debug |ProgressHelper| NotFound https://nuget.stocksharp...epclraw.core/index.json 231ms
04:36:21.273|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:22.185|Debug |ProgressHelper| OK 1229ms
04:36:22.217|Debug |ProgressHelper| OK 943ms
04:36:22.246|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:22.247|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp...m.valuetuple/index.json
04:36:22.494|Debug |ProgressHelper| NotFound https://nuget.stocksharp...m.valuetuple/index.json 245ms
04:36:22.565|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp...etstandard11/index.json
04:36:22.821|Debug |ProgressHelper| NotFound https://nuget.stocksharp...etstandard11/index.json 255ms
04:36:22.824|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:23.194|Debug |ProgressHelper| OK 946ms
04:36:23.260|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp...ite3.v110_xp/index.json
04:36:23.499|Debug |ProgressHelper| NotFound https://nuget.stocksharp...ite3.v110_xp/index.json 239ms
04:36:23.502|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:23.785|Debug |ProgressHelper| OK 959ms
04:36:23.887|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp..._sqlite3.osx/index.json
04:36:24.341|Debug |ProgressHelper| NotFound https://nuget.stocksharp..._sqlite3.osx/index.json 453ms
04:36:24.344|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET
04:36:24.441|Debug |ProgressHelper| OK 937ms
04:36:24.490|Debug |ProgressHelper| GET https://nuget.stocksharp...qlite3.linux/index.json

Oscar Khoo

Date: 11/6/2022

Hi I like to know what kind of error msg I received?

Юрий Басангов

Date: 11/15/2022

Oscar Khoo Go to
Hi I like to know what kind of error msg I received?

Please, update the .NET Framework. You should use net 6 x64.

Oscar Khoo

Date: 11/16/2022

I uninstalled my. NET 4 x86 and installed. NET 6. with my Windows 8 64 bit. Should I change to a Windows 10 64 bit instead?
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