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Author: StockSharp
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Our core is available as open source on GitHub: GitHub Repository. This allows you to explore the main features of our platform and start developing your own solutions.

However, it should be noted that connectors and graphical controls are not available as open source. These components are an important part of our product and provide the following:

- Support for a wide range of exchanges and brokers.
- Include connectors for popular platforms such as InteractiveBrokers connector, Binance, MT 5, and more.
- Provide stable and reliable connections for market data retrieval and trade execution.

Graphical Controls:
- Powerful graphical interfaces for market data visualization and trading strategy analysis.
- Include charts, graph, and other visualization tools.
- Ensure convenience and efficiency in monitoring and managing trading processes.

The source codes, except for graphical components, are cross-platform and can work on both desktop (any operating system) and mobile devices.

By purchasing this product, you get full access to the above components, allowing you to take full advantage of our platform and successfully implement your unique trading programs.

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