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Author: StockSharp
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v5.0.49 (9/19/2023)
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Enhance your trading applications with StockSharp's WPF Charting Components! We offer developers powerful tools for visualizing trading data, including both classic candlestick charts and cluster analysis.


Advantages of our charting component:
- Wide Range of Options: Beyond standard candlesticks, our platform supports cluster charts, ideal for in-depth market data analysis.
- Extensive Library of Technical Indicators: Over 100 open-source technical indicators are available on our GitHub, allowing developers to customize and expand functionality as needed.


- Customization of Visualization: All chart colors and elements are fully customizable, enabling the creation of a unique user interface. The display of trade signals, entry and exit points, resistance levels, and other annotations on the chart is easily adjustable for maximum usability.

Flexibility and Access to Source Code: Gain full access to the source code of the charts, opening up unlimited possibilities for integration and personalization of your trading systems. This makes our product the ideal choice for developers looking to tailor the charting component to specific requirements and tasks.


Join the community of developers using StockSharp charting components to create high-performance trading applications!

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