Author: StockSharp
N: 25
v5.0.170 (6/23/2024)
Downloads: 1974

The connector is designed to establish connection and exchange data between the Binance crypto exchange and S# programs: S#.Data, S#.Terminal, S#.Designer, S#.Shell. The connector is compatible with custom programs based on S#.API.
The connector allows:
  • to connect to the exchange and receive market information about traded instruments: price, volume, order book, etc .;
  • receive data on the status of the portfolio and its changes;
  • receive historical data from the exchange;
  • send orders, receive their status, cancel them, receive information about their execution;
  • other functions directly provided by the exchange API.

Obtaining and installing the connector can be done in two ways:

  1. For those who want to use the connector with one of the S# applications: S#.Terminal, S#.Data, S#.Designer, S#.Shell.
    Most S# products, including this connector, are obtained through a special S#.Installer program. Install it if you haven't already done it.
    The connector becomes available in S#.Installer within 5-10 minutes after purchase. A special green icon indicates the availability of the product.
    S#.Installer then prompts you to update your applications to use them with this connector. Do it.
    S#.Installer will independently request and obtain a license for it.
    If the connector does not appear in the list of available ones within the specified time, click the forced check for updates button. It's in the upper left corner of S#.Installer.

  2. For those who want to use the connector with their own S#.API-based application
    The connector is obtained directly from the Nuget server using Visual Studio. Detailed instructions can be found at the link
    In addition, you still need to install S#.Installer to get a license.

In the process of setting the connector for work with programs, you may encounter the following informational messages:

  1. auto
    The above message indicates that your account is not margin. To complete the connector configuration, in the "Sections" uncheck the checkbox opposite the "Margin" value.
    You can re-set it as soon as you enable margin trading in your Binance account.

  2. auto
    The specified message informs about several possible errors at once:

    • you have entered an API-key incorrectly. Re-check it again and bu sure that you have set a right values.
    • possibly your API key is restricted by IP and you try to connect from another one. Check for IP restrictions in your Binance account.
    • permissions for actions set. For example, you do not have a Binance futures account but have the "Futures" and/or "Futures Coin" sections enabled. Disable sections which you don't have (See 1st point).

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