StockSharp API from Nuget. Manual. StockSharp

NuGet is the package manager for the Microsoft development platform including .NET. The NuGet client tools (integrated into Visual Studio) provide the ability to produce and consume packages, including S#.API.

All S#.API packages are compiled for .NET 5. It is a cross-platform version (connectors, backtesting, market data storage will be available in any OS), but graphic components are supported for Windows only.

Public Nuget server

1. Select project or solution in Solution Explorer window, right click and select Manager Nuget Packages...:

2. Nuget window will appear as below:

3. In the upper right corner in the Search box write StockSharp (case insensitive). The search results appear when you have found a package S#.API as in the picture. Then click to Install:

4. The S#.API platform is divided into many Nuget packages, each of which defines its capabilities. For example, StockSharp.Algo defines basic algorithms and a backtester. StockSharp.InteractiveBrokers broker connector. StockSharp.Xaml.Charting - candlestick and indicator charts.

Choosing one of the specific packages will be automatically downloaded dependencies. There is no need to determine what additional .NET assemblies are required for an installing package.

5. The StockSharp.InteractiveBrokers package was chosen as an example. You must click on the Install button:

6. After installation is complete, in folder packages are placed required S#.API files. Add these files will be added as project references.

7. Samples are located on GitHub.

Private Nuget server

Some of the components are located in a Private NuGet server. This server is available to all registered users, and the availability of certain packages is determined depending on the connectors purchased. For example, all crypto connectors are located only in a Private Nuget server, and only stubs are available in public access on

To connect to the Private server, you need:

1. Pass the registration on the web site.

2. Visit your profile and copy Token:

3. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the Public NuGet server section and open the settings window for available feeds:

4. In the window that appears, add a new feed, specifying the address as{token}/v3/index.json For example, https://nuget.stocksharp...INXWNJNWD/v3/index.json

5. Press the ОК button and select the created feed. If you have access to certain private components, a list of available NuGet packages will appear:

6. Select the necessary and press the Install button.

7. Downloading a package from a Private server, packages from the public part will be automatically downloaded. For example, StockSharp.Algo, StockSharp.Logging, which is common to most components. There is no need to switch to a public server and download additional packages that a package depends on in a private server.

Get new updates

The NuGet package management allows you to receive new version updates when they are released. To do this, you must similarly go to Manager Nuget Packages... (steps 1 and 2 from the Public Nuget server section) and check for updates in the Updates tab. If available, Visual Studio will show which packages have the new version, and having selected the necessary packages, click the Update button.

To check for updates on the Public and Private servers, you must change the feed in the upper right corner, as shown in step 5 of the Private Nuget server section. VS 2019 cannot track multiple feeds at the same time.


S#.Installer - special app for easy download and install all products. See the manual.