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Starting from scratch!
Starting from scratch!
We will teach you with like-minded team how to develop trading systems and algorithms; how to organize income on the stock exchange using trading algorithms
Ready-to- use strategies
Ready-to- use strategies
You get a set of ready-to- use strategies (more than 20) for your experiments, as well as some ready profitable trading systems
We are a team
We are a team
More than 700 people have been completed our training (since 2011). We get together every week and discuss new ideas and emerging issues. Together much easier!
Free software
Free software
We ourselves have developed a special software to create trading robots. Our software is completely versatile – it allows you to create trading robots both by programming and without it
USA, Europe, Asia
USA, Europe, Asia
Create and earn in any of these markets. You need the minimal changes in the trading robot code to move your algorithm to any of these markets
We teach fully remote – it allows people all over the world to save their time and energy, concentrating on

the trading systems development
Distance learning
We teach fully remote – it allows people all over the world to save their time and energy, concentrating on the trading systems development
Mini video lesson
We will teach you to create profitable algorithms! After our course completion you will be able to create your own trading robot as easy as in this video.
Trading robots Creating a profitable algorithm for trading on market
Trading robot is the main mechanism for the capital increase and acquisition of income more than a bank. Well-thought- out and tested algorithm allows to monitor the situation on the trading exchange in real time and play both on ups and downs in the market. It provides an opportunity to earn more than the Buy & Hold strategy.

We know how to build such algorithm and we are happy to tell you about it. Having our training you will understand how and by what instruments you can create a profitable algorithm, as well as how to make it completely self-contained (by means of trading robot). After training you can build your own trading robot that will be completely individual, and it will work and increase your capital!
  • We do not sell trading robots –we tell how to make your own one! The same algorithm cannot earn for all;
  • 2 months of training with online meetings and discussions of problematic issues;
  • Ready-made examples and additional software specifically for our students.
Software to create trading robots Timeframe, Arbitrage, the HFT trading robots
For novice traders, we offer a graphical environment that greatly simplifies the process of trading robots creating and testing.
For traders who want to create a complex and unique algorithm the special S#.API software library is available. It allows using popular programming language (C#) to create absolutely any strategies: from positional strategies with a long timeframe to the high-frequency strategies (HFT), using direct access (DMA) to stock trading.
To build the algorithm the analysis and accumulation of data required for processing and identifying the profitable regularities of the stock market. This problem is solved by S#.Data. It allows you to automatically download trading data from official exchange sites, trading terminals and other sources (e.g. IQFeed, BarChart).
Many ready-made examples and additional software allows you to create a trading robot even faster (framework, analyzer etc.)

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Video lessons courses and webinars
Advice, webinars, examples
The price
API Complete course
API Video only
  • For programmers
  • Examples of trading robots
  • 40 hours video
  • Syllabus
Designer Basic
Designer Full

If you want to become an algotrader and learn how to create trading robots yourself, then these courses are for you! After the C# course you will learn programming, and after the S# courses you can write your first robots! Of course, in the beginning it will be difficult, but if you put a little diligence, you will succeed! Professional programmers from S# team will always help and advise. Good luck!

Good evening! Courses - SUPER!!! Many thanks to the entire StockSharp team. I liked the course very much and it was very helpful. During the year, I was looking for "foundation" to start the programming of trading robots, but worthy alternatives of StockSharp are not found. Special thanks to Artem!!! The material was delivered in accessible language, all questions were given answers. It was very interesting :)
Quite a different level of video lessons, compared with video seminars. Nice to look at, everything is clear and easy to understand, and most importantly – consistent. Thank you!
For me personally, the effectiveness of the courses exceeded all my expectations. I never programed professionally. I wrote the trading robots in Delphi at the amateur level. Attempts to make sense of StockSharp and C# by myself resulted in nothing. Even during the courses, to my own surprise, I began to write the robots working on a new language for me. I liked webinars very much. They save a lot of time. It is very convenient that you can see and listen to any workshop recording any time. Examples of projects developed within the framework of courses, much more intuitive, easier to use and more suitable for self-development. Artem explains perfectly. So for those who still have doubts, I recommend these courses for a quick start.
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