S#.Data (Hydra) - release v4.3.22

Dear Friends, the new version of our data loader S#.Data (Hydra) is available for download!
From the fundamental changes we want to note:

1. Create indexes and continuous futures directly in Hydra! Using the downloaded data you can build your own indexes, apply popular mathematical functions to calculate them, build graphs on them and save them as a separate security

2. Added export to Excel or csv option boards, which is built and saved with Hydra. Get an array of data for analysis is now very simple!

3. Preservation of the constructed index, candles, market depthes. For example, in step 1, we built a GOOG price index to AAPL or candles from ticks, or a market depth from a log order, so that tomorrow we do not need to build it again, we have added the function of saving the result as a separate tool..

4. Extended the functionality of building candles! . The new version of Hydra allows you to build candles from the best bid, ask, spread or classically by trades!


5. FIX server mode is implemented. If before Hydra in server mode sent data as files, now the translation can be done in a professional FIX / FAST format.

We hope these changes will be useful to all algot traders. We remind you that the program is distributed for free.

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