Frequenly asked questions:
  1. Are your training courses focused on QUIK only?
    No, they are not. As a matter of fact, after completing our course, you will be able to create an algo strategy for any platform supported by S# (QUIK, Alfa-Direct, SmartCOM, etc.). That’s because you only need to modify a small portion of the source code to connect to a different trading terminal (see Lesson One). More video lessons are available. Watch them to learn about working with less popular trading platforms and about their peculiarities.
  2. Can I get your video lessons on a DVD or other media?
    Sorry, we do not provide our lessons this way to prevent piracy.
  3. For how long will I be able to access the lessons?
    After paying for a training course, you can access the main video lessons literally forever!
  4. Can I buy a S#.WealthLab adapter without buying any training courses?
    Yes, you can. In this case, you will get the adapter without any technical support or updates, with a 50 percent discount from the WealthLab main course’s regular price.
  5. Can I buy the C# course from you?
    We do not sell the C# course separately, but only as an addition to the S# or WealthLab courses.
  6. How long does it take to learn C#?
    By polling our students, we found out that it usually takes one or two months. You can always find a C# teacher at our forum or in online chats!
  7. Can I attend the S# or WealthLab courses if I have no programming skills at all?
    Surely you can! The first part of the S# and WealthLab courses is a C# course for beginners.
  8. There are some video lessons with restricted access on the forum. How can I watch them?
    You can access them as soon as you pay for the courses.
  9. How can I pay for the courses?
    Submit a request for attending a course of your choice, pay the specified sum, and we will open you access to the restricted resources (video lessons and software). You can pay via the Platron integrated system, which supports a lot of payment options.


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