TFS (teamwork, chats, updates)!

Team Foundation Service/Server (TFS) is a Microsoft product that provides an all-in-one solution for teamwork. Its key feature is the cloud project repository. You can access projects via Visual Studio (teamwork).

To use this service, you must subscribe to EduLive courses (S#, WealthLab)!


Primary objectives of TFS:
  1. Access to the main and extra projects (strategies, examples) of the S# and WealthLab training courses (watch for changes or additions).
  2. Online technical support. Common chats for discussing interesting ideas.
  3. Public repositories where any users can upload their source code. Upload your project to show the changes in the code to other students.

How to join?
  1. Create a Microsoft Live account.
  2. Send your LiveID (e-mail address) to lesson@stocksharp.com
  3. Wait for our e-mail message! Follow the instructions.
  4. Join our algo community!

TFS lets you:

  • Watch for updates in projects. Check what has changed and download the latest version of a project to your computer.


  • Add new features to your application, and share your code with other community members.


  • Discuss a project and changes to it in team chats. Share your opinion about the new changes, ask your colleagues for advice, and make suggestions to improve the project. Here you can also find technical support (C#, S#).


  • Version control for your application. A lot of features that you can use when developing your applications.


StockSharp TFS repositories:
  1. Lessons — S# training course projects.
  2. Extra Lessons — Additional projects and lessons.
  3. Shell — The shell for additional algo strategies.
  4. Public — Our students’ projects and our own training stuff.
    (You can upload your source code to share with other students, download other students’ projects, discuss projects, etc.)



Attach files by dragging & dropping, , or pasting from the clipboard.