New Connectors: Alpaca Markets, ByBit, PolygonIO

New Connectors: Alpaca Markets, ByBit, PolygonIO

New Connectors on StockSharp!


We are pleased to announce that new connectors have appeared on the StockSharp platform in recent months, significantly expanding our users' capabilities for trading and market analysis. We present to you the new connectors:

1. Alpaca Markets

Alpaca Markets - is a platform for algorithmic trading, offering an API for automating trading strategies in the stock market. With the Alpaca Markets connector, StockSharp users can easily integrate their trading strategies and automate the trading process.

2. ByBit

ByBit - is a leading cryptocurrency exchange specializing in derivative trading. The new ByBit connector will allow traders to access the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of high-frequency trading and flexible risk management tools.

3. PolygonIO

PolygonIO - is a platform providing an API for obtaining real-time market data and historical data on stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies. With the PolygonIO connector, StockSharp users can obtain high-quality data for analysis and developing trading strategies.

These new connectors open new horizons for our users in trading and market analysis. We continue to work on improving our platform and hope that these innovations will help you achieve even greater success in your trading endeavors.

The StockSharp Team



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