How to download Market data from AlphaVantage via S#.Data(Hydra)

How to download Market data from AlphaVantage via S#.Data(Hydra)


Alpha Vantage is a Financial market data source available for traders to download historical market data (intraday and daly). With Hydra you can do in automatically and store it in local database for further use (strategy backtesting, market data analysing).

Alpha Vantage has a free and premium options. In this article, will show you how to download historical market data from Alpha Vantage data sources via S#.Data using a free API connector and free market data option from Alpha Vantage.

💥How can you download market data via S#.Data? This article has answers for you.💥

👉 Open up your S#.Data Application.
👉 Visit our instruction if you doesn't have Hydra application.
👉 How I can get S#.Data

Alpha 05.png

👉 The first page you found will be all possible supported sources.
👉 Or click Add Sources with the plus sign on your top left hand side.
👉 Find AlphaVantage from the list.
👉 Select Connection to AlphaVantage.
👉 And Click OK.

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👉 Navigate to the AlphaVantage website.
👉 Click on the GET YOUR FREE API KEY TODAY tab.

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👉 Register to receive an API key and Click on the GET FREE API KEY tab.
👉 After that you will receive your API key code, Copy it.

Alpha 06.png

👉 Back to the S#.Data(Hydra) application and paste the API Key in the Token box on the top right hand side of the screen.
👉 After that Click Add Securities, which is a plus sign on the bottom row toolbar.

Alpha 07.png

👉 Click on the Download Securities tab.

Alpha 08.png

👉 Put Instruments code search for AlphaVantage. You can use common codes such as AAPL for Apple Instrument.
👉 And click OK.

Alpha 09.png

👉 Double click on the Instruments tab on the left to move it to the right and click OK.

Alpha 10.png

👉 Select the Time Frame candle and click OK.

Alpha 11.png

👉 Press to select a Date. where you want to start with Market Data information.
👉 Press start at the top left hand corner of the screen to begin downloading Market Data information from AlphaVantage.

Alpha 12.png

👉 Once the data has finished downloading, press Stop.
👉 Right-click on the top bar and select View downloaded.

Alpha 13.png

👉 Click View Market Data information or Click View Chart candle.

Alpha 14.png

👉 Now everything is done.

⚡️That's it, you can now download the market data of the stocks you want via S#.Data to be stored for use in your back testing. We also have many other interesting articles that you can find on the StockSharp website and on our many other social media sites. And we are also the leading provider of services and products for algorithm trading.

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