How to download Market data from Yahoo finance via S#.Data(a.k.a. Hydra)

How to download Market data from Yahoo finance via S#.Data(a.k.a. Hydra)

Yahoo! Finance is a media property that is part of the Yahoo! network. It provides financial news, data and commentary including stock quotes, Forex, cryptocurrency, press releases, financial reports, and original content.

👉 Open up your Hydra Application.
👉 Visit our instruction if you doesn't have Hydra application.
👉 How I can get S#.Data

Yahoo 03.png
👉 The first page you found will be all possible supported sources.
👉 Or click Add Sources with the plus sign on your top left hand side.
👉 Scroll down to find Yahoo finance from all sources. Or you can search from the Find box.

Yahoo 05.png
👉 Find Yahoo Finance from this list.
👉 Select to Connection to Yahoo.
👉 And Click OK.

Yahoo 06.png
👉 The system will show the screen as above to confirm the connection with Yahoo Finance. You press Yes to continue.

Yahoo 07.png
👉 Press Add Securities, which is a plus sign on the bottom row toolbar.
👉 After that, you click on the Download Securities tab.

*** Please Note For Yahoo Finance, you can access the instrument code from the Yahoo Finance website.***

Yahoo 08.png
👉 Navigate to the Yahoo finance website,
👉 Use the code in parentheses to search for the Instruments you want to download Market Data from.

Yahoo 09.png
👉 Back to Hydra
👉 Press Paste the code in the Code field to search and click OK.

Yahoo 10.png
👉 Double click on the Instruments tab on the left to move it to the right and click OK.

Yahoo 11.png
👉 Select the Time Frame candle and click OK.

Yahoo 12.png
👉 Press to select a Date. Where you want to start with Market Data information.
👉 For example 2010/01/01.

Yahoo 13.png
👉 Press Start at the top left hand corner of the screen to begin downloading Market Data information from Yahoo finance.

Yahoo 14.png
👉 Once the data has finished downloading, press Stop.

Yahoo 15.png
👉 Right-click on the top bar and select View download.

Yahoo 16.png
👉 Click View Market Data information.
👉 Or Click View Chart candle.

Yahoo 17.png
👉 Now everything is done.

Attach files by dragging & dropping, , or pasting from the clipboard.