S#.API syllabus

0) Introduction to StockSharp. The basic concepts of StockSharp architecture.
0.1) S# platform installation using Nuget (applicable for 5.0 and higher versions).
0.2) S# platform installation on Linux (applicable for 5.0 and higher versions).
1) The first connection creating

  • Connection to the Terminal
  • Getting prices on the instrument (not DOM, not candles)
  • Getting depth-of-markets (DOM)
  • Getting ticks, own trades, orders
  • The order registration

2) The candles

  • Getting candles,
  • Creating candles from ticks
  • The types of candles

3) Working with historical data

  • Getting and saving trading objects,
  • Getting historical data from Finam
  • S#.Data (Hydra) How to start, which setting, how to store data.

4) The Indicators

  • Indicators from S#
  • Adding indicators on a chart
  • Custom indicators.

5) The Strategies

  • Creating a simple robot for testing
  • Creating a simple strategy
  • Strategies optimization.

6) Child strategies

  • Rule (Use of rules, suspension of rules, mutually exclusive rules)
  • Take profit and stop-loss
  • Quoting

7) RealTrading (multiple connections)

  • Multiple connections
  • Strat strategies on real market

8) More strategies. Arbitrage, trend-following strategies, etc

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Date: 4/19/2022

Добрый день, хочу купить обучающий видео курс.
Есть вопросы:
1. Актуальность видео (версия S# API использованная в видео уроках)?
2. Есть ли скидки для тех кто обучался ранее (продвинутый уровень)?
С уважением Игорь.

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