Trading for beginners. Where to start?

Trading for beginners. Where to start?

We continue the series of articles dedicated to trading for beginners.
In most cases, young traders come to trade against the background of beautifully told stories about how easy it is to start earning money in the market.
We hasten to disappoint, trading is a difficult and painstaking process.
Most of those who flout this rule face disappointment while trading.
Trading is not a momentary success, it is a strictly developed, developed, conscious system, following which you can start earning and multiply your capital.


How do I get started?
Of course, you need to start your trading career with training.
Today, a huge number of companies offer to train you for ridiculous money, promising a fast and" win-win " trading system.
Whether to believe or not is up to you, but you need to remember that most of these "coaches" do not have the necessary competence or their system is based on the principle: bought cheaper, sold more expensive.
Many companies offering training do not have their own systems and software, but use third-party software, offering you to build your trading system on someone else's software.
In fact, they will never be able to give a proper explanation of the behavior of a particular program, and accordingly all learning will consist in pressing the buttons shown in the training. Will such training be effective? We don't know, everyone decides for themselves.
Along with such teachers, there are courses that teach not just trading on the market, but also learning how to create your own trading systems. The trader gets the opportunity to learn not just how to manage the program and trade in it, but also learn the basics and concepts of trading, with the ability to create their own trading systems and as a result, a more in-depth knowledge of the market.

For example, our training course is designed, among other things, for a novice trader who is just learning the basics of trading. It is not just about creating trading systems. But also the concepts of trade, with explanations of why you need it this way. The advantage is that you do not learn on third-party software, but use our own, so you always have the opportunity to teach updates and tips in difficult situations.


What does a trader learn during his studies?
The trader studies the market, features and nuances of trading. An important aspect is the understanding and ability to apply knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis.
Knowledge of analysis allows you, in combination with knowledge of methods of building trading systems, to build trading strategies that will allow the trader to earn.
An extensive set of programs for analysis allow the raider to learn how to use a large number of important and convenient tools. For example, Hydra not only helps you download stock quotes for analysis, but also allows you to perform a large number of operations for analysis.


In General, the ability to choose the right trading program for work, whether it is the TWS terminal from IB or the S#.Designer trading robot designer from S#, allows the trader to reduce the time for training.
It is important to determine which program you need.
For manual trading, you need to choose the most reliable, informative and fast terminal. It will allow you to quickly respond to changing market conditions on the stock exchange. It will provide a more detailed vision for operational analysis.
In General, not many terminals allow you to connect to several trading sources at once, but this makes trading more flexible and secure. For example, the Terminal program implements the selection of a dozen exchanges.
What does it give:
- Great opportunity,
- Ease of trading,
- Flexibility of trading strategies
- "It's free.

Many people will find manual trading uninteresting and difficult, plus time-consuming. For such traders, the choice may fall on automated trading platforms.
Here you need to understand that among them there are those on which various scenarios are pre-installed, and those on which you create these scenarios yourself (Tslab or Designer). Creating trading strategies using dice generally makes it easier for the trader to work. Now you can use the appropriate block to select the necessary operation or condition for trading your strategy.

So where do I get started? First of all, to get the necessary knowledge. Successful trading is impossible without understanding the market, without the ability to conduct technical and fundamental analysis, because it is on such knowledge that the trader's ability to build a profitable strategy depends. You need to be able to manage your capital and create your own trading system, as well as optimize it as necessary. In addition, it is important to choose the right stock broker and learn how to use the trading terminal SOFTWARE.

You can not ignore the issue of constant training, understanding the basics of trading. A trader should be able to study tirelessly. In General, the desire to learn is the key to success. New knowledge allows you to expand your trading opportunities.
An important factor of successful trading is the emotional readiness of the trader. Stress is an unavoidable companion of trading. A trader must have a cool head and a reasonable mind.
The trader must be able to clearly analyze the situation, have a sense of self-control and will, including when it is necessary to take risks.


So, successful trading is a combination of many factors that affect the choice of a bidder.
Balanced decisions are the first step to a guaranteed profit. A trader must constantly learn and improve their knowledge, must be able to make decisions soberly and make sometimes inconvenient steps.
In the following articles, we will look at what else can affect the quality at the very beginning of trading.
We are waiting for your comments and questions. Thanks.

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