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We would like You to know more about trading as as possible. That is why we have started to create a large knowledge base, in which you can find many useful articles that will help to understand the intricacies of trading.
We want you to discover new knowledge and find answers to the questions you need.
We have already published some articles.The list of topics and the order of articles is as follows:

Trading for beginners:
1. Trading for beginners. Stock market.
2. Trading for beginners. Where to start?

Basic concepts and principles of trading:
1. Arbitrage trading. Principles, types.
2. Hedge. The essence and its types.
3. What are futures and options, and how to make money on them?
4. Forward contract. The essence and its types.
5. What is Stop-Loss and Take Profit?
6. Pyramiding intrading.
7. S#.API and S#.Shell is your step in trading.
8. Market data, timeframe, tick.
9. S#.Designer is simple way to start a successful trade.
10. S#. Data-download market data in two steps.
11. Trend and countertrend! Don't choose to use it together.

FAQ on FIX Protocol:
1. History of creation.
2. Scope of the FIX Protocol.
3. FIX message transmission system.
4. Limit orders when working through FIX Protocol.
5. Limit orders FOK and IOC (FAK).
6. "Black box" algotrading when working on the FIX Protocol.
7. Learn more about algotrading via FIX connection
8. Use of unique trading systems when connected via FIX Protocol.
9. Fix Protocol in Russia.
10. Other connection protocols.

FAQ on Algorithmic trading:
1. What is Algorithmic trading?
2. The history of the emergence of algorithmic trading.
3. Algo trading in the Stock market Part 1.
4. The algorithmic trading in Stock market conditions Part 2.
5. Algorithmic Forex trading.
6. Algorithms for trading strategies while algorithmic trading Part 1.
7. Algorithms for trading strategies while algorithmic trading Part 2.
8. Review of software for algorithmic trading.
9. Stock trading players and HFT traders.
10. The main conclusions of algorithmic trading.

Crypto trading FAQ:
1. Crypto trading what is it?
2. Crypto trading - where to start?
3. General information about the crypto trade.
4. How to invest in cryptocurrency?
5. Briefly about bitcoin.
6. Cryptocurrency trading method.
7. Cryptocurrency market risks.
8. Index in crypto trading.
9. Investing in indices.
10. Volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

FAQ on Trading robots:
1. What is a trading robot?
2. The history of the emergence of trading robots.
3. The basic rules of trading a trading robot.
4. Advantages of trading robots.
5. Cons of trading robots.
6. The Holy Grail for Forex.
7. What you need to understand before starting development.
8. Programming of the trading robot.
9. Trading robot constructor.
10. To trade or not to trade a robot?

Interactive Brokers FAQ:
1. INTERACTIVE BROKERS-who are they?
2. The history of the broker.
3. The reliability of the broker Interactive Brokers.
4. Minimum Deposit in Interactive Brokers.
5. Especially if you are working with Interactive Brokers Part 1.
6. Especially if you are working with Interactive Brokers Part 2.
7. How to Fund your Interactive Brokers account
8. About the commissions of Interactive Brokers.
9. Leverage from Interactive Brokers.
10. The results of Interactive Brokers.

Plaza II connector FAQ:
1. Introduction to Plaza II.
2. Plaza II pros and cons.
3. The architecture of Plaza II.
4. The scheme of data transmission Protocol Plaza II Part 1.
5. The scheme of data transmission Protocol Plaza II Part 2.
6. Work with data streams connections Plaza II Part 1.
7. Work with data streams connections Plaza II Part 2.
8. Types of logins of the Plaza II connector.
9. Technical implementation of the gateway Plaza II.
10. Synthesis under Protocol Plaza II.

b]FAQ on S#.Designer: [/b]
1. How to download market data to the Designer?
2. Designer - create a strategy based on MACD. Start with simple.
3. Construction of composite indicators in S#.Designer.
4. How to create conditions in S#.Designer.
5. Selecting a tool for testing in S#.Designer.
Hydra FAQ:
1. Upload all data from Hydra to the desired format.
2. How to plot the indicator in the program Hydra.
3.The Analytics feature in Hydra?

We would like that in the future, replenishment of knowledge base we did together with you. So write, what else would You was wondering.Nerd

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