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Standard Deviation-Based Strategy: Mastering Trading During Market Lulls

Discover a unique strategy in StockSharp Designer that uses standard deviation to identify market lulls and the ideal times to enter positions. This method is perfectly suited for instruments like ETH and is designed to pinpoint moments of lowest volatility to optimize entry and exit points.


Entry Criteria:
- Minimum Standard Deviation: The standard deviation value for the last 50 periods must be below 2.5.
- Current Standard Deviation: The current value must be twice as low as the minimum value over the last 50 periods.
- Price Breakout: Entry is made when the price breaks the high or low of the last 15 periods.

Exit Criteria:
- Take-Profit: The position is closed when a profit of 2% is achieved.
- Stop-Loss: The position is closed at a loss of 1%.

Advantages of the Strategy:
- Targeted Entry: Entering positions during moments of lowest volatility increases the likelihood of successful trades.
- Strict Risk Control: Clearly defined take-profit and stop-loss parameters help manage potential risks.
- Adaptability to Market Conditions: The strategy allows for adaptation to market changes, optimizing trading times.

How to Start Using This Strategy:
1. Download and install StockSharp Designer, if you have not done so already.
2. Configure the strategy parameters to suit your requirements and market conditions.
3. Launch the strategy on your chosen market and monitor its execution using the platform’s analytical tools.

Incorporate the standard deviation-based strategy into your trading portfolio and utilize market lulls to achieve high profitability!

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