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Simple Breakout Strategy for Going Long

Master an effective breakout strategy in StockSharp Designer designed for short-term trading. This strategy automatically initiates a buy when a 15-period high is breached, allowing traders to capitalize on moments of increased market activity for entering positions with high profit potential.


Key Aspects of the Strategy:
- Entry into Position: Entry into a long position is automatically made when the asset's price breaks the 15-period high, signaling a potential start of an upward trend.
- Exit from Position: The position is automatically closed after 5 candles post-entry, allowing for profit taking during short-term market fluctuations.

Visualization on the Chart:
- Display of Entry Price: The strategy includes a feature to draw the entry point on the chart, enhancing visual perception of trading actions and aiding in the analysis of strategy effectiveness.

Advantages of the Strategy:
- Simplicity and Directness: The strategy is easy to set up and use, making it ideal for beginner traders.
- Short-term Trading Opportunities: Perfect for those seeking quick trading operations and wanting to minimize time in market positions.
- Visual Analytics: Incorporating visual elements enhances understanding of market conditions and strategic actions.

How to Start Using This Strategy:
1. Download and install StockSharp Designer.
2. Configure the strategy, specifying the necessary parameters for entry and exit.
3. Activate the strategy on your chosen market and monitor its performance, visually tracking entry and exit points on the chart.

Integrate this simple breakout strategy into your trading portfolio and start leveraging market breakthrough moments for profit!

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