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Master the Market with an Advanced Counter-Trend Strategy

Dive into the dynamics of counter-trend trading with our exclusive strategy, designed for those who dare to challenge conventional market movements. This strategy under Designer, a sophisticated reinterpretation of High break, is crafted for aggressive traders looking to capitalize on the volatility of digital assets such as Ethereum.


Strategic Entry and Exit Points:
- Long Entry on Breakout: Initiate a long position when the market breaks below the 50-period low, identifying potential opportunities for an upward reversal at critical support levels.
- Exit at Peak: Protect profits and minimize risks by exiting the position as soon as the price breaks above the 25-period high, securing optimal trade closure at resistance levels.

Unique Features of the Strategy:
- Trading Stop with Prohibition: In case a stop is activated, the strategy prohibits new entries for 19 periods, ensuring a strategic waiting period and market reassessment.

Testing Results on ETH (5-minute timeframe, 2022):
Strategy Chart

Profit & Loss (P&L) Chart

Strategy Statistics

This strategy is perfect for traders looking to maximize market potential and profit from its volatility. It is suitable for both experienced market participants and those just starting their journey in cryptocurrency trading.

Start using the counter-trend strategy today and unlock new opportunities to increase your trading capital!

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