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Explore the Counter-Trend Strategy: Short Entry on a 60-Period High Breakout


Discover the power of the counter-trend strategy in Designer, designed for short entry when breaking above a 60-period high. This strategy is aimed at trading in a market characterized by oscillatory movements, allowing for profit extraction from frequently occurring false breakouts.

Strategy Features:
- Short Entry on Breakout: The strategy activates a position when the price breaks above the 60-period high, often signaling a potential reversal.
- Position Exit: The position is closed upon reaching a 30-period low, minimizing losses in unsuccessful trades.
- No Stop Losses: Trading is conducted without setting stop losses, necessitating careful market monitoring.

Testing Results on ETH (5-minute timeframe, 2022):
Strategy Chart

Profit & Loss (P&L) Chart

Strategy Statistics

This strategy is intended for traders looking to maximize market potential and profit from its volatility. It is suitable for both experienced market participants and those just beginning their journey in cryptocurrency trading.

Start using the counter-trend strategy today and unlock new opportunities to increase your trading capital!

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