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v1.0.0 (4/22/2024)
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Trading Strategy Based on L. Raschke's 80/20 Pattern: The Art of Short Selling

Discover a strategy in StockSharp Designer that utilizes the unique L. Raschke 80/20 pattern to identify short-selling opportunities. The pattern is defined by a bullish candle whose body makes up more than 80% of the total candle length, with shadows not exceeding 20%.


Strategy Algorithm:
- Searching for a Qualified Candle: Identifying a candle that meets the 80/20 pattern criteria.
- Conditions for Entering a Short: If the high of the following candle is above the high of the bullish candle and its close is below the high of the bullish candle, the strategy initiates a short.
- Exiting the Trade: Profits are taken at the opening level of the bullish candle, and a stop-loss is set at 0.5% from the entry point.

Advantages of the Strategy:
- Entry Precision: High probability of a successful trade due to precise adherence to pattern parameters.
- Risk Control: A clearly defined stop-loss helps to minimize potential losses.

How to Start Using the Strategy:
1. Download and install StockSharp Designer.
2. Set up the strategy parameters according to the description.
3. Launch the strategy on your preferred market and monitor its performance in real time.

This strategy is suitable for traders who prefer an active trading style and aim to maximize every market opportunity.

Integrate the L. Raschke 80/20 pattern-based strategy into your trading plan and discover new horizons for earning on the financial markets!

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