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Unlock the Potential of the Three White Soldiers Strategy with StockSharp Designer

The Three White Soldiers strategy harnesses the power of a bullish reversal pattern traditionally observed in bear markets. This setup comprises three consecutive white candles, each closing at a higher price than the previous one. Contrary to the classical interpretation as a reversal signal, our approach utilizes this pattern to initiate counter-trend trades by integrating a sophisticated breakdown filter.


Key Entry Criteria:
- Presence of the Three White Soldiers pattern.
- Breakthrough above the maximum price of the last N periods at the time of pattern formation.

This strategy specifically targets potential peaks rather than bottoms, enhancing its effectiveness in capturing pivotal market turns near the top.

Trade Exit and Risk Management:
- The position is held for a duration of 5 candles, ensuring a time-limited exposure.
- No stop-loss is implemented; risk is inherently controlled by the duration of the trade.

2022 Performance Overview on ETH:

  • Pattern: 3 White Soldiers.
  • Timeframe: 1-hour.
  • Breakdown trigger: 15-period high.
  • Position duration: 5 periods.

ETH Performance Chart and Indicators

Profit & Loss Overview

The strategy has demonstrated a positive trajectory with an increasing equity curve, albeit interspersed with periods of stagnation—a common characteristic among robust trading strategies.

Adaptability Notice:
This strategy is shared for educational purposes and is highly adaptable. Customize it according to your trading requirements and market conditions for optimal results.

Wishing you successful trading!

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