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Author: YuryB
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v1.0.3 (2/15/2024)
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The strategy is based on the use of the 3 white soldiers pattern. The Three White Soldiers model is a set of three white candles with the closing price of each subsequent candle higher than the closing price of the previous candle. In the classical approach, this is a bullish reversal pattern and is a bullish reversal signal in a bear market. However, in our strategy, we will use it as a basis for entering a counter-trend trade with the addition of a breakdown filter.
The entry into the transaction is carried out if there is a pattern, as well as if the maximum for N periods breaks through at this moment. Thus, we filter the reversals at the bottom of the market and look only for entries close to the top. The exit from the transaction is carried out by timeout - 5 candles after the entry. The stop is not used. Your losses are limited by the time you hold the position.
Below are the results of testing the strategy on ETH for 2022. The following parameters are used:

  • the 3 soldier pattern;
  • the timeframe is 1 hour;
  • the breakdown of the maximum in 15 periods;
  • we hold the position for 5 periods.

ETH chart with indicators


The result is positive, the equity is growing. There is a period of stagnation, but for many strategies this is normal.

The strategy is presented for informational purposes and can be adapted by you to your own needs.
Have a good trade!

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