Pre-sale has been finished! There is a chance to join the project yet!

Pre-sale has been finished! There is a chance to join the project yet!

Hello dear friend!
Today we are happy to inform you that the amount needed to develop MetaTrader connector is raised!
This became possible in such a short time because you help us - our dear investors!
Let me remind that in this round we are ready to share the income received from the sale of the product. And since there are funds for development, we decided to start today!

Therefore we force the additional conditions:
1. The minimum contribution from last Friday is 500$, which are distributed as follows 300$ - connector fee, 200$+ - investment fee.
2. Those who contributed more than 300$ as on July 13, 2018 are our investors already and have our virtual currency SMTC. With contributions that will be received for the period until July 31, 2018, we will calculate the first profit for you !!!
3. Those who enter the project before July 31, 2018, will also become investors and will be able to rely on profits from payments received after the date of your contribution!!! More contribution - more your share!

If you are not yet a member of our project, hurry, we offer the opportunity not only to receive the product, but also to earn with us!
If you are already with us, we hope that this news has pleased you [lol]

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