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Yesterday we published the newest version of Designer. The previous release was more than half a year ago, so this is a remarkable event.Laugh

No reason the list what we implemented for the release. Shortly - VERY much. We get every day dozen messages (via build in message system) bug reports, suggestions and questions. What and how we can fix or improve user experience. Therefore, the main spend of time was to eliminate errors or improve the previously done. And preparations for the new training course of Designer.

Top coolest features:

1) Number 1 crypto exchanges. We've put inside all crypto connectors. Sure, they will be available only for crowd campaign members.

2) Connectors search pane. Here is how it work:

3) We more put portfolio optimization. Not you can specify set of securities for the optimization as a parameter.

4) Beautiful in-build equity mini-charts in optimization result table:

5) Group visual cubes and strategies into your own folders:

Of course, this it not finish! We will move forward! We are waiting for your messages, suggestions, questions.

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