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I am trying to load up candles with some data retrieved from Hydra. I was able to retrieve the data in Bin using MFD. From there I was able to open the securities from the storage file and find the time frame candles. My first question is Can you explain what the "start button" does in the Market Data tab. When I click on it it shows only Finam. When I click on that the following gives me an error.

Additionally, I was trying to show the candles using the sample candles code provided. I am using Brent as an example here from the MFD. When I run it with a time-frame of 1:0:0:0 in Bin format, I don't get any thing shown on my candle chart.

Also when I try a different security for instance AMD@SPB, when I press start, I get a blank chart and I'm assuming an infinite loop in which I cannot disconnect/stop the process.

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