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Hello, friends! Despite the summer months, we continue to work on the project and release a new version of Hydra!
In the new release, we added many key improvements. Here are some of them:

1. We have added some new sources of historical and market data FXCM, CQG Continuum, FAST.
2. Quik lua. Historical candles.
3. Documentation embedded links.
4. Positions tracking. All information about positions, comissions, margin etc.
5. Depths. Show histogram for volumes
6. Depths and level1. Show spread chart.
7. Ticks pane. Show tick chart
8. Auto importing tool.
9.Symbol mapping manager. Additional info.
10. Indicator values building. Allows you to calculate the indicator values inside Hydra and save them to an external file for further analysis, or visualize using a graph.

We invite everyone to download the new version and evaluate the changes yourself.

For all newcomers who want to evaluate the full power of the updated S # .API platform, we offer a discount for training course in the amount of 10% before the end of the month!

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