Continuous Patterns (Inverted Head & Shoulders)

Continuous Patterns (Inverted Head & Shoulders)


The head & shoulders pattern sounds familiar, yes, it has the same name as the reversal pattern, but the meaning here is different. The difference is In the previous case, it was a reversal pattern, but now it is a continuous pattern. Look at the picture above, it looks like the head & shoulders in the uptrend case, only upside down. In other words, it turned upside down and flowed downwards.



But if the original trend is a downtrend, the occurrence of head & shoulders, the appearance of the head and shoulders. It is normal (head and shoulders up, as in the picture above), which is reversed in the case of reversal head & shoulders. Therefore, some people call the head & shoulder continuation pattern an inverted head & shoulders because of it. Upside down in the case of reversal pattern.

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