Continuous Patterns (Descending Triangle)

Continuous Patterns (Descending Triangle)


Descending Triangle (see picture) It is similar to triple bottoms, but the difference is that new tops during formation are present. For example, top 3 is below top 2 and top 2 is below top 1. This pattern is a correction. Before continuing to decline following the pattern of a downtrend.


Example as pictured Refers to past volume price movements that have formed a descending triangle, including finding targets. Meaning of the price that will come back to buy At the price"s target level, the stock price has a noticeable rebound. During that form, there was a time when the support line fell flat. Which can be seen as a form downtrend during that period, however, the volume price has returned to the range of form once again. Before falling off The support level is flat again. Which is somewhat more complete If the rules of Fibonacci numbers are applied, it can be seen that the weakening of the volume price. Come down to test the flat support line after that It is about two-thirds of the way from the Base to the Top. Will be even more possible which the volume price at that time was dropped Really come down!

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