Continuous Patterns (Ascending Triangle)

Continuous Patterns (Ascending Triangle)


Ascending Triangle (see picture) you can see that it is similar to triple tops, but the difference is At the time of declining during the formation, the latter marsh bottom is higher than the previous marsh bottom, eg 3 above 2 and 2 above 1 (while the triple top, the marsh bottom is approximately level. Each other), so can analyze whether the price is likely to continue to move up and how much it will move up After breaking through the resistance level? Based on technical analysis principles It can be analyzed that the price is likely to move up a distance equal to or close to the distance measured from point A to resistance, so those waiting to sell should be prepared to take profits at that level. But when the price dropped will be able to buy it (If it does not go down much until it changes the trend in the form of reversal patterns) because The adjustment is a minor adjustment in a big trend, which is an uptrend.



In the above example, both pictures show that the SET index"s ascending triangle formed at some point, which allowed the SET index to maintain its original trend. That is, before the ascending triangle formed, the SET index was different. Move up After such a form, the SET index can still be in an uptrend.

In the first example image has applied the principle of finding price targets If the price is able to break through the horizontal limiting border of the upward triangle, let"s apply it. Which can be seen that at the predicted line The share price has adjusted and fluctuated somewhat. Which means small There will be a short-term profit coming out, however, for this case. Short-term profitability cannot stop the determination or strength of the SET index, as can be seen from the SET index continues to climb up unceasingly. Those who knew they sold it is a waste of will rush back to buy back in order to continue to be in the market.

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