Continuous Patterns ( Symmetric triangle )

Continuous Patterns ( Symmetric triangle )


Symmetric triangle to make it easier Look at the picture above, you can see that the original trend of the price is an uptrend, but when it comes to the top 1 (green line), it has moved down to the bottom 1 (red line) at the point. This also has the strength to buy back into the spoon. Causing the price to rebound (rebound) up to the top 2 (green line) was pressed by the selling pressure again, causing it to adjust down to the bottom 2 (red line). Down like this will form a triangular pattern. But it is called symmetric because the trend passes through the vertex. (green line) and trend drawn through the bottom of the swamp (red line) at an angle to the plane in equal degrees where the green line meets with the red line is called the Apex period when the price break through the triangle (As a result, the trend is maintained in an uptrend), usually positioned two-thirds from the apex point to the base.

but if it is past that period probability of breaking up or break down will be equal Therefore, it may cause reversal as well for the distance to move forward. After breaking up In principle, it can be analyzed that it can go up as The distance is equal to the base of the triangle. Or it can be measured from the apex point up to the same distance. There is also another method that is popularly used is to draw a line from the top 1 (green line) to parallel (parallel) with the red line. This line will also be used as another target line.

Take an example of technical analysis from the image of the chart above. Volume price movement that forms a Symmetric triangle if observed carefully from the picture. This may raise the question of whether volume price movement where there is some part that falls off the lower boundary of the triangle, will this still be a pattern? The answer to this point here is If observed carefully, it will be found that the closing price of it can run back into the frame, so it can be considered that this form The shape of the symmetric triangle is still preserved.

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