Market analysis is the first step to profit.

Market analysis is the first step to profit.

To date, stock trading has become an integral part of the modern world.
From the moment of the first trades to the present day, trading in financial markets has come a long way and has become more accessible and understandable for most users.

The abundance of markets, tools and means of trading have transformed this business from a privileged one into a "mass" one, and today no one will be surprised by a mobile application for trading on one of the many trading platforms.


Of course the availability and ease of use new software applications, have made it possible to carry out operations without interrupting work, but the number of such operations, for most users, is small, and is entertaining. Hence the losses, associated, in most cases, with the lack of data flow analysis, the search for patterns in market changes.

 I must say that "mass" trading is manual or semi-manual, which cannot but affect the quality of transactions and the number of profitable transactions in general, forcing the user to rely only on intuition.

 The situation with professional trading is completely different. The volume of this segment is steadily growing, the ability to work remotely, creating mobile offices, relatively small investments and an abundance of professional tools, has given rise to a whole generation of people who create their capital on the stock exchange.

The reverse side of professional trading can be called a different order of potential losses arising in the process of trading. The market offers a huge variety of tools for both earning and reducing trading costs, which recently can be considered the basis of additional income.
By earning $1, saving profits or cutting costs by another $1, the trader earns $2..
It is worth saying that a large selection of programs does not always have a positive effect, since the user often cannot decide on a choice, or chooses several programs, combining their functionality manually to create an overall picture of trading.

Agree, this arrangement is inconvenient, energy and time-consuming, but market analysis and reduction of time costs are the basis for increasing profitability and allows the user to devote more time to exploring new markets.
StockSharp company presented a product that has no analogues a few years ago, this is S#Data(Hydra).

What is the uniqueness of the product:

- the ability to stream historical data from dozens of markets, the list of which is constantly updated .


- the ability to save market data of various types of Candlesticks, Ticks, Level1, Level2, while the user gets the opportunity to create the necessary data types from already received.


- the analytical block, thanks to the already built-in functions, allows you to visualize the results of trading, and the ability to write your own functions in the language C# , allows the user to create their own models of market behavior./


Separate articles require a detailed description of the interaction of Hydra with other products from StockSharp, as well as the ability to record the received market data in formats for working with other analysis programs.

The implemented function of creating your own market data storage allows you not only to collect market data for a selected period, but also to set up continuous recording of data that can be broadcast online to all selected network machines via the "Server" mode.

Thus, the user becomes not just a consumer of historical data, but also an analyzer, and eventually a translator of data for other users.

The presence of a huge functionality collected in one product, which makes it possible to work with market data on one screen without resorting to other products, allows you to raise your trading to a higher level, and grow into the sphere of "professional" .

It is necessary to tell more about the functionality of the program separately, focusing on the most interesting functions.

One of the main things to say is that the S#.Data functionality is free, and all the user needs to start the path of a professional trader is to download the application via the S#.Installer platform.

That's all, see you in new articles.


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