We have a new service - develop strategies for a fixed price!

We have a new service - develop strategies for a fixed price!



We are pleased to inform you about a new service - development of trading strategies for a fixed price - $200 for all.

What does it mean?
You do not need to:
- discuss the cost of work
- bargain for the price or terms of operation of certain parts of the algorithm.

We will take your algorithm and make it for a fixed price, no matter what you have under the hood.

Do you want to know why and how? Then read on.

Everything is simple.
There are only a few simple conditions:

Development will be only for the Designer and only (the app is free, don't worry). It will be on diagram schema, not C# code.
Schema is the fastest and easiest way to create strategies. That is why that price! Be sure, your strategy will be as good as if it was programmed in C#.
But not everything can be done by schema. Let’s read the next paragraph.
We will only accept money if 100% are ready to complete your task. If your task is unclear or technically impossible for us (more difficult than doing in pure C#) - sorry, we will not accept any money from you, we will apologize for the time spent (free cup of coffee). But if we are ready to do it, we will inform you about it, then you pay, we will start working, and you will have a strategy that works in the Designer. How exactly? Let’s read another one paragraph.
The price includes a paid connector for 1 year. A subscription for only $7 per month after 1 year for successfully working strategy is not so much, is it? During the year, you will successfully trade your idea in real markets, and you may even want to improve it. You will have a diagram in your hands, where you can see your algorithm with your eyes. Would you like to contact us again? Same conditions! No special plans for returning customers!
The strategy must be for 1 trading instrument. Do you want 2 instruments? Then it will be $400. 3 and more - $1000. Not STARTING from $1000. Fixed - $1000.

How long to wait? No more than two weeks from the date of payment for 1 instrument and no more than a month for 2 or more instruments.

Do I need to pay extra after? Nothing! We charge by fixed price. You already know the conditions. This is the final price! About paid connectors explained above.

Wanna start? Send your specification to fix@stocksharp.ru and let's start working!


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