Share your projects with us! And make it visible for the world!

Share your projects with us! And make it visible for the world!


Dear friends!

Many of you have been using our platform for quite a long time and the programs built on it. With the help of S#.API library many of you created own applications, built connectors and utility which helping to solve your problems. But what if your application may help other users? Perhaps you want to share some of your pre-built projects with other members to contribute in a community?

Send us detailed description about your projects to
- Describe your application you willing to share with others
- Will you charge for your application or is it completely free?
- Explain about all essentials functions and features you consider important.

On the grounds of this, we will make the most interesting applications available to a wide range of users through S#.Installer. And of course, we will indicate that you are the author of the product! We are waiting for you! [happy]

In conclusion, the most interesting and advanced projects will be available through Installer for a broad audience. And of course, the author of the application will be shown and all rights will be reserved.

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