We look for you, who willing to help us in development S# platform! Are you one of them?

We look for you, who willing to help us in development S# platform! Are you one of them?


Over 10 years we continue developing and maintaining our trading S# platform. During this period, S# has improved significantly and reached a completely new level and, as a result, has become much more complex.

We continue to work on and expand our platform. In order to keep pace, create new programs and services, we need people familiar with the platform and our products, who will be ready to participate in the development of the one of the best algorithmic trading platform - StockSharp. Of course, it's not free!

We could have post on a job hunter website, but this solution has a drawback - those participants will likely be unfamiliar with the platform and a significant amount of time will be needed to be spent on to learn.

Therefore, we decided to search among our users. What you should have:

- have free time or even look for full time position
- have advanced programming skills
- familiar with the platform
- you are interested in participating in its development: writing connectors, trading algorithms, features for our programs, etc.,

Send email to info@stocksharp.com with a brief description of your skills and what you are interested at to do.

Also, we welcome feedback from those who are familiar with marketing and promotion, can explain and love to record videos and communicate with the public. What for? We will be glad if you help us promote the platform, schedule and hold webinars, as well as other activities.
Our email is Info@stocksharp.com

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will definitely check every letter !!! And just in case, we will repeat again, your work will be well paid!

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