The carrier


The name of this trading robot already speaks for itself. The concept of the trading algorithm of this robot is just in transfer your money from one exchange to another. However, there're several reasons to do to that, and let's shortly explain all of them.
You need your money to trade on another exchange due to the reason that within this exchange the funds can be trasnferred instantly and without commission, or you want to buy some certain altcoins which don't trade on exchange where you placed your money, and therefore you need to transfer your money from one exchange to another in order to buy those altcoins. Or simply, you just need to take out your money through another exchange. There're many reasons for traders to work with their funds and this trading robot is a great solution with minimal risk.


The essence of the trading algorithm in this case is very simple. The trading robot automatically determines the cheapest coin to transfer, for example, a BTC position through an intermediate conversion to a cheaper altcoin, such as Vertcoin or Ripple. After that the robot send this coins to another exchange and make the last conversion there. This way you get the coins you need where you need.


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