Synthetic Arbitrage

The trading algorithm of this robot follow the idea of synthetic arbitrage, which is based on long combination of crypto coins, in our case is BTC/ETH/LTC//ETH/BTC.
In other words, synthetic arbitrage assuming comparison of all possible options of synthetic pairs of crypto coins, where it selects the most profitable transaction chains. The stable algorithm of Synthetic Arbitrage will give you a stable and constant income in the trade of cryptocurrency market.


The whole idea of the strategy is very simple. In our method, the arbitrage is built upon of combination of chosen crypto coins: BTC/ETH/LTC//ETH/BTC. You must set certain connectors to crypto exchanges in order to monitor the necessary crypto coins. Further going, the trading algorithm itself pick the convergence-divergence on the found pairs to check if the arbitrage could happen. After identification of the arbitrage the robot may execute the trades automatically or gives a notification for trader.


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