Pump detector

Pump detector – the name of this trading robot comes from English word Pump that means artificially rise something. Pump is an artificial process of rising price of cryptocurrency by buying it. The history of Pump dates to Penny stocks where small public companies trade their common shares for less than one dollar. The trading algorithm of Pump detector includes a specific automation which automatically monitor the growth of all cheap coins with huge profitability within just several hours.


As we mentioned above, this trading robot tracks the cheapest coins with huge returns within several hours, therefore the trading algorithm pf Pump detector able to do such things like: monitor and giving out signals or actively enter in position and exit only after all requirements were met, in other words it will only happen after reached your take profit. Pump detector monitors all coins in all available connections what exactly gives you a great number of choices. In this case, we are talking about altcoins which trade by very low price and within the day you can increase your profit 10 times.
The main idea of this trading algorithm is exit the trade when the price reached a necessary point on market – take profit. The whole algorithm is fully automated what is a big advantage in compare with manual trade.


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