Mr Hide


Mister Hide – is a unique robot created by our company, the algo trading algorithm includes trend and counter-trend strategies. To start a trade with this robot, you first, choose the security by which you want to trade, the capital share allocated for trading this particular instrument and timeframe you want to trade on. Moving forward you press start button and observe and monitor your algo-trading robot.


Mister Hide is an out-and-outer algo-trading software designed by StockSharp. We won’t uncover all characteristics and uniqueness of this robot however we would like to share with you some glimpse of its basic components.

In base settings are included:
- The security
- Capital share
- Timeframe

The user selects a timeframe for trades and the robot in its turn make a full analysis of selected timeframe to determine the market condition:
with long position you are buying actual securities in order to sell them for higher price, while with short position you get profit of a decreasing asset price, or if it's a flat position when traders are unsure about the direction of the market, in short words no any trends on a market.

The order will be executed if all conditions are met of the entry point, when the user press start button, or the trading robot expects when all specified conditions is completed. The trading algorithm will exit the trade by the change of market status, or according to calculated take profit or stop loss level.

The counter trend strategy and trend strategy have not linked to each other, which mean at some points that they are in opposite positions. The counter-trend component is evaluated by bearish or bullish market trend on a specific timeframe. Our company has designed formula with market strength/weakness is mathematically defined as a number. If a certain value is above this number and all parameters are met, then the entry point is found.

If there is a position on the trend component, the trading algorithm can either increase the existing position or close the deal.

Mister Hyde's potential year profit is 80%.

Happy trading!


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